• Boudoir Culture Magazine


Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!! I am so excited today say that TODAY is Boudoir Culture Magazine’s 1 Year Anniversary!! I couldn’t be happier with making the decision to start this gorgeous magazine in 2018 and I am so grateful for the team I have with me and who have been with me the entire way!

My Why: Well, a year ago today I chose to start a Magazine of my own. As a Boudoir Photographer creating images for the world to see, I felt that there was not a magazine fit for me, and other fellow Boudoir Photographers. After some major thinking and research, I chose to start my own. The start of this journey was rough and long. I had no idea as to what I was doing but I was doing everything I could to make it happen. After some major help, additional research, a new team member, and many new friends. I started to get the hang of it. After Issue #1, I was hooked! I kept thinking of ways to expand and better the Magazine to benefit those who were involved and those interested in growing. Now 4 Issue’s later and 3,000+ followers on social media, I have created something for everyone, on any level. A safe place to share the work we are so proud of and the work we busted our butts to make! A place where everyone is not only welcome, but respected.

I am so grateful for everyone who has helped me along the way as well as showed their support over this past year. You guys are truly a gift and I am so blessed with all of the friendships I’ve made along the way.

Thank you!

Brittany Van Beek >>> @boudoirbybrittanyvanbeek