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Red Bloom Photography

Name: Monica Cumberbatch

Twitter: @redbloomphoto

Facebook: Red Bloom Photography

Instagram: @calgaryboudoir @redbloomphotography


Title: REd Bloom Photography

City you live in: Calgary, AB Canada

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be...

"The founders of Burning Man. The community and the event is the most unique experience of my life and I think meeting the founders and hearing them speak about the history and the principles would be amazing."

One thing I cannot live without...

"Besides my husband and my dog... Adventure"

When I was younger, I wanted to be...

"A Marine Biologist"

The one person who motivates me is...

"Honestly, my husband. He motivates and inspires me everyday to be the best version of me and to be an amazing business women."

If i could change anything in the world, it would be...

"Self love and body image issues"

I'm currently working on...

"Creating a brand ambassador program with social influencers who spread the word about body love."


"Be kind to strangers as we never know what battles they may be fighting and kindness is free."


"Judge people. Turn any judgemental or negative thoughts into positive ones."

Favorite Quote's...

"Be here now - a reminder to be present"

Biggest Dream...

"Travel the world for a year shooting weddings and boudoir"

My Pet Peeve(s)...

"Slow walkers"

How did you start your business?

"My business name does not have any significant meaning to me. Years ago when i started out I was chatting with a friend and we were bouncing ideas around. I liked the idea of color being involved and she said Red Bloom Photograph and it just stuck."

What do you do to keep yourself inspired?

"I shoot for me. Every couple months I will ask someone to come in to model for me and I just shoot for me. No pressures of pleasing a client or making a sale, just me and shooting what I want."

How did you grow your business?

"From day one I always did my best to give clients a great experience and from that came word of mouth. About 90% of my clients are referrals."

Do you have any mentors?

"I do not but I am most inspired by Sheer Photography, Elizabeth Urban Photography and Indium Boudoir."

What do you recommend to someone getting started in the photography industry and especially boudoir?

"Shoot shoot shoot and shoot some more. The best way to learn is just keep shooting. Learn how to light and use gear you have before investing thousands and thousands in high end equipment."

What is something you wish someone told you earlier about the photography industry?

"The advice about haha. Instead of learning my craft and growing, I just started to shoot for cheap and put alot of very low quality work out there to paying clients. Even though they were not paying alot they were still clients."

Have you ever done your own boudoir session? If so, how did it go?

"I have not shot my own but I hire a boudoir photographer every few years. I love seeing how others work. I not only get amazing photos but a mini mentorship as well."

How do you prepare for each session?

"With positive thoughts. I try to go into every session with the affirmation that I will give my clients a great experience."

What are 3 things you would tell a photographer to have for a boudoir session?

"1 - Positive reinforcement for your client. 2- a reflector 3- 50mm lens"

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