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Illuminated Palette Photography LLC & Illuminated Belles

Name: Hannah R Orcutt

Facebook: Illuminated Palette Photography LLC & Illuminated Belles

Instagram: @illuminated_palette_hro & @illuminatedbelles


Title: Photographer

City you live in: Kansas City

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be...

"Winona Ryder"

One thing I cannot live without...

"Horror Movies. I am a HUGE movie buff. My favorites include Rocky Horror Picture Show, IT & Beetlejuice."

When i was younger, I wanted to be...

"An Artist. My entire life I wanted to be an artist and when i grew up I went to college and then graduated with my BFA in Illustration."

The one person who motivates me is...

"My Competition. I have an incredible support system of friends and family and loved one but the one thing that pushed me to strive to be bigger and better is my competition"

If I could change anything in the world, it would be...

"The fact that Chipotle doesn't deliver. I am a huge food fanatic and life would be so much easier if they did!!"

I'm currently working on...

"Expanding my business to a new boudoir brand! I recently signed on with a new studio space downtown and am working hard to really push my boudoir work further!"


"Stay true to what you believe"


"Never let any one else's opinions change who you are"

Favorite Quote...

"Don't Dream It, Be It!"

Biggest Dream...

"Becoming a big photographer right here in KCMO."

My Pet Peeve(s)...

"This sounds super weird but I HATE sweating on my face! Lol especially in the summertime!"

How did you start your business?

"I picked up my grandfathers old camera and started shooting. I took $35 photos around town and then slowly grew into the highly rated & successful business that I have today."

What do you do to keep yourself inspired?

"Work with other photographers! KCMO is HUGE on community over competition and you can learn SO MUCH from working with other talented creatives around you."

How did you grow your business?

"Word of mouth. In this business it is all about who you know and how you get yourself out there. Once you change a clients life, they will remember you forever!"

Do you have any mentors?

"Jonny Hackett, Tanya Frisch, & Mikaela Wendel. Three of the most talented, helpful, and amazingly rad photographers I have ever met."

What do you recommend to someone getting started in the photography industry and especially boudoir?

"Just keep pushing yourself further. There will always be someone better, someone more experienced, and someone new. What they do shouldn't affect you and your work. Believe in you and keep practicing and one day you will be standing right up there with the big dogs."

What is something you wish someone told you earlier about the photography industry?

"You can't please everyone. There will always be the "haters" out there. But you just have to focus on you and what you love to do."

Have you every done your own boudoir session? If so how did it go?

"I have! I like to model a lot actually. I think it is very important for a photographer to see how it goes on the other side of the camera so that you can learn what your clients go through and what they face."

How do you prepare for each session?

"Talking with the client, getting together some pose ideas, create a killer playlist, and ALWAYS, make sure your batteries are fully charged."

What are 3 things you would tell a photographer to have for a boudoir session?

"MUSIC. A good playlist can make or break a session. WATER. It is important to ensure your client is well rested, hydrated, and relaxed. EXTRA BATTERIES. I can go forever just shooting and shooting and shooting and before I know it that little icon is flashing on me. ALWAYS come prepared with back up."