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Cheyenne K Portraits

Name: Cheyenne K Flemming

Facebook: Cheyenne K Portraits

Instagram: @cheyennekportraits


Title: Owner

City you live in: Missoula, Montana

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be..

"Ellen DeGeneres"

One thing I cannot live without...

"My cats. My best friend and I have three cats together and I couldn't imagine living without them. It would be so lonely in our apartment."

When I was younger, I wanted to be...

"I wanted to be a veterinarian when i was little, but when we had to put our dog down I know that I wouldn't be able to handle everything that came with that job."

The one person who motivates me is...

"My sister, Dallas has been someone who motivates me. She will text me when I'm not posting enough on my photography social media accounts, she texts me about getting my photos edited on time too. She's been a huge supporter and she's always willing to make time to help me, wether that is modeling for me or helping me film behind the scenes videos. "

If I could change anything in the world, it would be...

"The hate a lot of people have for other people. There are so many who chose to tear others down, and won't let them be happy."

I'm currently working on..

"Getting me business up and running. I officially started my portrait business this past month so I'm working on building a portfolio and getting clients."


"Challenge yourself to be a little bit better than you were yesterday."


"Let your fears stop you from going after what you really want"

Favorite Quote...

"Done is better than perfect - Sue Bryce"

Biggest Dream...

"To travel and be a photographer full time. I want to be able to quit my part time job and never go back."

My Pet Peeve(s)...

"I have quite a few pet peeves, people that chew with their mouth open, empty boxes left in the pantry, people that stop dead in their tracks right in front of you, and people that don't use their blinkers. Oh, and my roommates cat when he eats his wet food with his paws. He makes a huge mess."

How did you start Cheyenne K Portraits...

"I'm still in the starting phases of my business. I've recently graduated from college and shortly after I realized I was done with school, I asked myself "What am i doing to do?" Everyone around me had internships or job interviews, but i didn't want any of that. I wanted to be a photographer, so i decided it was about time I really started to try and build a business."

What do you do to keep yourself inspired?

"I don't really have a lack of inspiration, I usually just have too many ideas. When i get an idea I write it in my phone or put it in one of my journals. I also love looking at other photographer's work and getting inspiration from them. I look at photograph across all genres not just boudoir photography."

How did you grow your business?

"I'm really trying to grow my business right now so I'm going to small events around my town that are aimed at women, such as clothing swaps, or pleasure parties. I talk to the women there and give them my cards. I also, have given my best friend and sister some of my business cards to give to people they come across, that have interest in a photography session."

Do you have any mentors?

"Sue Bryce is my mentor. I've never met her, but she has an online education site for photographers, and I've learned so much from watching her videos. She doesn't just talk about photography either, she talks about money and self value as well and i think those are the videos I've learned most from."

What do you recommend to someone getting started in the photography industry and especially boudoir?

"I would recommend that you stop comparing your work to other photographer's work. Instead of comparing, look specifically at what you like about the photo(s), then start applying those techniques to your own work. Do you light the light? The colors? The pose the model is in? Once you start doing that and turn it into positive thinking (how can get better), instead of thinking negatively (I wish my work looked like that), you'll be surprised at how much more you like your work and how much you improve."

What is something you wish someone told you earlier about the photography industry?

"This isn’t really specific to the photography industry, but earlier I said my favorite quote was “Done is better than perfect” and I wish I had been told that sooner. I spent a lot of time educating myself about running a photography business but I never felt like anything I did or made would be perfect, or good enough and if I had let that go sooner, I would be much farther along with my business. "

How you ever done your own boudoir session? If so how did it go?

"I haven't done a complete session, but i do take self portraits quite often. I enjoy it and it's a bit of a challenge, but i would like to do a full boudoir session soon."

How do you prepare for each session?

"Before each session i look at some photos on my pinterest boards for inspiration. Then i write down a general flow for how the shoot is going to go, What outfits with what set or location, will the client/model be standing or sitting. Then i give myself a pep talk. I struggle with social anxiety, so I have to remind myself that I'm good at what I do, and the client obviously thinks so too or they wouldn't have hired me. I remind myself to relax, have fun and trust myself.

What are 3 things you would tell a photographer have for a boudoir session?

"A fun, sexy playlist, cute lingerie and confidence."